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Brief Introduction to the School of Environmental Science and Engineering


The School of Environmental Science and Engineering was established in 2010. It is the school actively responding to the national and Jiangsu provincial government’s development strategies of coastal, and meeting the needs of the local economic construction and industry development.


The school consists of 3 undergraduate programs: environmental engineering, environmental science and environment protection equipment engineering. It has over 800 students and 42 staff members, including 3 professors and 11associate professors, among them 27 PhD. and 11 postgraduate tutors.

As one of the majors of the Ministry of Education’s “Excellence Program” and key major of Jiangsu universities, the major of environmental engineering began to enroll students in 2000, and more than 280 students are in school at present.

The college has laboratory area of over 4000 square meters, equipment total value more than 900 million RMB, and has practice education center of Jiangsu universities’ coastal environmental monitoring and pollution control project.

Research and disciplines constructions

In the aspect of scientific research and disciplines constructions, the school has advantages and features of the wetland ecological environment protection, water environment treatment, exhaust gas treatment, and environmental assessment.

The school attaches great importance to the manufacture-learning- research cooperation, efforts to improve the level of technology service, and construction project environmental impact assessment and cleaner production audit qualification, operating pollution facility qualification and environmental facilities construction qualifications, etc. The scientific research funding is more than 11 million RMB provided by industries.

International collaboration and communication

Six teachers have more than one year experience of overseas study. For study communication, some students have continued their study with international universities such as University of Detroit, Leeds  University and Gdansk University of Technology for bachelor and master degrees.